Welcome to Music Bros.

Out of the mists of music history come the Music Bros., four brothers who are avatars of the beautiful bard, spinning songs, heavenly harmonies and righteous rhythms. Legends of their own minds, manifestations of melody, the Music Bros. are spiritual and ethereal while still being masters of motion, laying down a vicious beat. Groovy ghosts, etched on the glass of time itself, dancing and swaying in the endless gig in the sky.

Their sound is a universal kaleidoscope; the Music Bros. just play. Equally at home belting out R&B, playing pop, reveling in rock, crooning country, melting metal, hipping hop, and funking folk, they breathe dance and exhale pure jazz! Their palette is inclusive and welcoming, encompassing all. The show is love and they love the show, baby.

The band leader is Daddy-O, the guitarist. He’s dropping first, but there will eventually be 4,444 Music Bros. NFTs to delight your senses and charm your soul. These NFTs will be dropping in sets during 2023 and are hosted on the Solana blockchain.

All Music Bros. NFTs are generated from a wide variety of lovingly hand-drawn illustrations — no two alike and cooler than snowflakes.

Road Map to This Gig

To render rockin’ art, you must liberate all the creative senses, allowing your imagination to fly among the clouds of design and desire. Tap into tomorrow, today. Music Bros. originates and procreates via the hand of The Man, riding the digital wave, synthesizing ideas both sublime and groovy. The final composition, my children? Simply the hippest and most original NFT artwork — a collection of imaginative, dreamy funk, spunk and digital dunk available on the Solana blockchain marketplace. Enjoy the shiny new eye-candy toy. And stay tuned.

Music Bros NFT

Lowdown to da Hoedown

Music Bros. NFTs will drop in four batches of 1,111, for a total of 4,444 groovy musician NFTs, playing their souls out. The Music Bros. band is all elite players, with Daddy-O on axe, Horatio "The Horn" on sax, Biff on Bass twangin' the low tones and Smasher laying down the funky beats.

Total Music Bros NFTs of each band member
Music Bros. LTD Collectibles

Team Bros.

J Dog, Music Bros NFT Team

J Dog as lead illustrator

Apostle of funky style, Rat Fink disciple, Mad Magazine worshipper. When he lays down ink, the heavens roar. Make it digital, and devils rise up to join the angels in the choir. Mix in some R&B, a dollop of jazz and please, an extra helpin’ of blues. Champion of the brush stroke.

Beats, Music Bros NFT Team

Beats as web developer

Make it work, make it cool, make it sing, daddy! In both baritone and treble while shakin’ your bacon. It’s more than code; it’s the stanzas of HTML evolution revolution. Gig it, download it, drop it like it’s hot. And when it’s not. Not just responsive, but demonstrative — Beat drops the dev mic.

Smasher, Music Bros NFT Team

Smasher as writer and background illustrator

Line of truth: percussionists got the beat you can’t beat! Dig it, or you’re a poser tapping your toes. Punch it up, light it up and dance if you wanna romance, brothers and sisters. And stay tuned for the encore, because that’s what phones are for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the mint date?

    The mint date is still TBD, but we are aiming for a release in Fall 2023.

  • How many Music Bros NFTs will there be?

    There will be 4,444 Music Bros NFTs.